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We source products that meet our customers needs from domestic and overseas and supply goods and services placed importance on quality and the environment.

MetalMetal Products

Our main products are sheet metal parts for construction equipment, such as radiator brackets, combination lamp brackets, ladders, and steps. In recent years, we have also begun handling aluminum products. At Maple, we utilize CAD and 3D measuring devices and strive to propose and supply products that meet our customers’ needs.

Metal products for construction

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PlasticResin Products

Our main products are resin products for forklifts, which are mainly used for the roof of the driver’s seat. Materials include plastic and PVC (vinyl). Plastic products are mainly composed of polycarbonate, acrylic resin, and PETG resin. On the other hand, PVC (vinyl products) are made by welding transparent vinyl and tarpaulin. While we outsource products from overseas manufactures, we also produce prototypes and products in small batches in-house. We have also installed CATIA V5 (3D CAD) and strive to propose and provide products that meet our customers’ needs.

Resin molded products

Resin products for forklifts (Resin roof)

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Vinyl products for forklifts (Vinyl roof))

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TextileSewn Products

The sewn products segment is the starting point of our business. From the time of our parent company over 50 years ago, we have processed both heavy and light fabric to produce seat covers for driver’s seats in construction equipment, waterproof sheets, various types of partitions, and sports goods.
Currently, we mainly handle curtains and cylinder boots for large and medium-sized trucks, and furniture packing and interior curing materials for moving and delivery purposes. We outsource the manufacturing to overseas companies, but we also manufacture prototypes and products in small batches in-house. We can propose and supply better products by utilizing our in-house manufacturing expertise.

Automobile curtains

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Sewn products for forklifts

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Packing and curing materials

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